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  CD Freedom for America - by A.C. Meyer
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Be a democrat. Vote in 2008.
The write-in Dream Team:
President - Al Gore
Vice President - Al Franken
Secretary of Defense - the 14th Dalai Lama
Press Secretary - Michael Moore
Secretary of State - Bill Hicks´s ghost

Perhaps the most important album
of the decade:
Andreas Christian Meyer

Freedom for America

CD songs Freedom for America
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On this CD:

1. Holidays in Guantanamo
2. Freedom for America
3. The Seventh Bush
4. Kingdom of Caral
5. The White House Junkie
6. Hey Mr. Bush!
7. They
8. After the Storm
9. Space Surfing
10. Freedom for America (acoustic)

Plus 4 bonus tracks

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Video :

Hey Mr. Bush!

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Holidays in Guantanamo

Freedom for America - live at Rock Island